About Us

                                                        Zhangjiagag Huayang Electronics Co.,Ltd. is special Manufacturer for a wide range of transformers. Our main products include switch power supply, wave filter, choke coil, low frequency power transformer, Applying widely in switch power supply, color TV. monitor, UPS power and other electronic appliance.

                                                        We are capable supplying Five million reliable transformer annually, The power supply transformer we produce have been well received by the famous producer of power supply-DENSEI-LAMBDA.

                                                        At the same time, we produce the Rotary Encoder, Sersor, Examing Speed Engine, Flexible Coupling, Our company is the agent of NEMICOM CORP. Products are widely used in mechanical and electrical equipments.

                                                        Quality means the enterprise life, In 1998 the Company achived ISO9002 Quality system Authentication Certificate. From product RFD. Manufactuning to testing, we operate every stage under ISO9002 standard.

                                                        Founded in the year 2000 jointly by Huayang Corporation and Japan, XinFeng Elector-machinery Co.,Ltd. can directly importatorials from foreign countries and has opened the overseas market.

                                                        The company can deliver excellent products and service per customeris requirement honestly welcome the customers over the world and would appreciate your advice.

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